Intensive Single private session to get clarity and design strategies

A two-hour encounter with my 100% focus on you and your leadership challenges. I will help you achieve clarity about your current situation, and to create an action plan to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals

This clarity session is for you if you are an high potential in a leadership position and you are dealing with the following

  1. You want to delegate efficiently and empower others so your team performs better, but you  do not where to start
  2. You want to become more assertive on your communication but do not know how to do it
  3. You are feeling overwhelmed and need to reorganize your personal productivity

If you recognize yourself in any of the above, we can work together to create an action plan that fits your specific needs.

I have helped hundreds of high potentials like you to:
  • Free their time by implementing a delegation system that allows them to work on their zone of genius
  • Feel confident in any meeting and negotiation because they can communicate assertively
  • Be on top of everything because they know how to get more done with less stress


247 EUR

  • 2 hours private session with Judith Escalier Revollo, Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation
  • Recording of the session
  • Summary of the main points and the action plan to move forward

What my clients have to say: